Golfin Ladies!

Some of you may have seen the great little event I presented a few months ago for legendary golf brand Lynx and the launch of their brand new hot headed driver 'The Boom Boom 2'. Naturally there were a whole scantily clad of fellow golfing brands, professionals, publications and sporting nerds down there and one of these just so happened to be GolfinMag. GolfinMag is GQ's answer to golf. It's a brilliantly inspiring and creative magazine with a mission to give the traditional golf scene a 'kick up the backside', to embrace the modern era and make golf more accessible to the masses - not just the over 60's with a bit of family wealth.

As a 26 yr old young professional whose grown up in a golf obsessed family, I've been a passionate summertime swinger since my early teens and am fully aware of the absolute brilliance the game brings, but also the lack of enthusiasm and opportunity for us girls and any other player who doesn't fit the traditional stereotype. 

So after seeing me in my element at the Lynx event, 2 months later a very exciting new partnership has been born as I've recently become GolfinMag's official Girl On Golf! Every issue I'll be collaborating with the team to bring a refreshing perspective to ladies golf, creating a buzzing hub for the modern female golfing enthusiast and cover the aspects of the game that we really want to hear about - without one beige diamond v-neck jumper in sight.

So please do subscribe to the mag  - It's totally free and a brilliant read with an original interactive website for all of you to get involved.

Plus the best bit! My first article in the first issue of GolfinMag right here..



Wanting to pick up your first club but not quite sure how to get about it? Here are my top tips...



And finally - if we're going to go out there, let's go out there in style!